EVERYTHING: Still not sure where to go to vote or who the candidates are – we’ve got the info for you.
EVERYTHING: Still not sure where to go to vote or who the candidates are – we’ve got the info for you.

ELECTIONS: Everything you need to know for the election

IT"S BEEN a long four years, but tomorrow voters will go to the polls to cast their ballots to elect councillors across Queensland.

The Gatton Star has been busy in past months bringing you interviews with candidates and finding out what voters wants from their councillors.

With just one more sleep before the election - if you haven't already voted, here's everything you need to know to make your decision.



The candidates

Across both councils, 24 candidates are in the running for your vote.

The Gatton Star has spoken to everyone of them so you can make an informed decision.

The candidates are listed in the order they appear on the ballot - click their names to read why they're running and what their plans are.


Somerset Regional Council:

  1. Bob Whalley
  2. Jason Wendt
  3. Bronwyn Davies
  4. Sean Choat
  5. Mike Tanner
  6. David McInally
  7. Cheryl Gaedtke
  8. Helen Brieschke
  9. Josh Squire
  10. Kylee Isidro


Lockyer Valley Regional Council

  1. Brett Qualischefski
  2. Gordon Van der Est
  3. Rick Vela
  4. Meachelle Roelofs
  5. Chris Wilson
  6. David Neuendorf
  7. Regina Samykanu-Vuthapanich
  8. Janice Holstein
  9. Jason Cook
  10. Mark Newton
  11. Michael Hagan
  12. Kerri MacMahon




To give you a better understanding of what the candidates stood for, we put three important questions to them:

  • How will you improve the region in the next four years?
  • Agriculture is major part of the region's economy - what will you do to support it?
  • What will you do to ensure our regional towns don't die away?

You can read Somerset candidates responses here, and those vying for the Lockyer Valley council here.



With coronavirus forcing mass shutdowns around the country there's been calls for the council elections to be postponed to keep community members safe.

But the state government pushed, and was determined to forged ahead with the vote, telling voters it was safe.

But council candidates weren't convinced and shared their opinions on the vote with the Gatton Star.

You can read what Somerset candidates though here, and what candidates for the Lockyer Valley council had to say here.



Both mayors in the region faced no challengers at this election, running unopposed and guaranteed of another four years.

Somerset mayor Graeme Lehmann said it was a "relief" to not have a nervous wait for votes to be counted on Saturday night.

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He said he understood the responsibility that came with running unopposed, with the electorate not having the opportunity to cast a vote for a mayor candidate.

"I don't think I'm any better than anybody else because the position I hold, but I've definitely got our region at heart," he said.

Lockyer mayor Tanya Milligan isn't complacent that she is running unopposed, but it's certainly a weight off her shoulders.

And in the returning mayor's true style, she was modest and humble about her reappointment.

"It's a privilege. I'm exceptionally grateful because it's a privilege to serve your community," she said.

Read more about her thoughts on the last term here.




Don't know where to vote, here's the full list of every polling location in both council areas:


Lockyer Valley

Blenheim State School, 81 Blenheim Road, Blenheim

Flagstone Creek State School, 56 Flagstone School Road, Flagstone Creek

Forest Hill Assisted Forest Hill State School, 15 Church Street, Forest Hill

Gatton State School, 26 William Street, Gatton

Lockyer District High School Assembly Hall, 100 William Street, Gatton

Glenore Grove Hall, 9 Brightview Road, Glenore Grove

Grantham State School, 15 Victor Street, Grantham

Hatton Vale State School, 27‐35 Hannant Road, Hatton Vale

Helidon State School, 16 School Street, Helidon

Kentville State School, 4 Turpin Road, Kentville

Laidley District State School, 232 Patrick Street, Laidley

Lake Clarendon State School, 35 Lake Clarendon Road, Lake Clarendon

Ma Ma Creek State School, 803 Gatton‐Clifton Road, Ma Ma Creek

Mount Sylvia State School, 6 Left Hand Branch Road, Mount Sylvia

Murphys Creek Community Centre, 18 Jessie Lane, Murphys Creek

Faith Lutheran College, 5 Faith Ave, Plainland

Public Hall, 111 Stockyard Creek Road, Stockyard

Thornton State School, 4 Thornton School Road, Thornton

Baptist Church Hall, 979 Tenthill Creek Road, Upper Tenthill

Withcott State School, 26 Biggs Road, Withcott



Coominya State School, 7 Cornhill Street, Coominya

Esk Assisted Esk State School, 49 East Street, Esk

Fernvale State School, 1605 Brisbane Valley Highway, Fernvale

Glamorgan Vale State School, 750 Glamorgan Vale Road, Glamorgan Vale

Kilcoy Memorial Hall, Kennedy Street, Kilcoy

Lowood State High School Hall, Prospect Street, Lowood

Minden State School, 1032 Lowood‐Minden Road, Minden

Moore Soldiers Memorial Hall, D'Aguilar Highway, Moore

Mount Kilcoy State School, 251 Jenkinsons Road, Mount Kilcoy

Mount Tarampa State School, 9 Profkes Road, Mount Tarampa

Tarampa State School, 18 Manthey Road, Tarampa

Toogoolawah State School, Gardner Street, Toogoolawah

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