Economic results hard to budge

AFTER its announcement last week, this year's Federal Budget is receiving mixed reactions from families and local politicians.

Federal Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann has said this year's budget would strengthen Australian's economy, creating jobs and opportunities on the ground in Ipswich and the Somerset region.

“This is a responsible Budget that will get us back in the black by 2012-13, get more Australians in jobs and spread the benefits of the mining boom,” he said.

“This Budget will drive opportunities for families and young people in Blair by investing in training, education and job creation.”

Mr Neumann said he had worked hard to deliver a number of key local projects for the community.

“I've always been someone that works to get the best deal for our local area.

“Although a tough budget in some respects, it still delivers quite a bit for our community,” Mr Neumann said.

Mr Neumann said the Budget 2011/12 highlights for Blair included $54 million for the Blacksoil Interchange with construction beginning in the coming year, $140,000 invest in Broadband for Seniors Kiosks, up to 2786 apprentices in Blair to benefit from $1700 Trades Apprentice

Income Bonus and 1614 very long term unemployed people in Ipswich and the Somerset region to benefit from an additional $2.7 million over 2012-15 to support local employment services in Blair to provide them with training and work experience.

Federal MP for Wright, Scott Buchholz's, view was a stark contrast calling the federal budget a “tragedy for the families of Wright” and said people across the electorate were shocked and disappointed.

Mr Buchholz said it was visionless and said the $2 billion reduction in the family tax benefit will bring further hurt to family budgets already stretched through rising utility, petrol and grocery prices.

“I am trying to find an example of good economic management within the budget papers but I simply can't,” he said.

“To the 32,813 families across my electorate I say, we will continue to fight for justice.”

Mr Buchholz was also disappointed with the funding for the roads in his electorate.

“The 111,184 registered vehicle owners within Wright will not see one extra cent being spent in this region,” he said.

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