Bronte Bauer, Natalie Hanford and Ella Metcalf.
Bronte Bauer, Natalie Hanford and Ella Metcalf. Ebony Graveur

Eager kids study up for show camp

THREE Mount Sylvia State School students are paving their way to media careers.

Across the course of 12 weeks, Bronte Bauer, Ella Metcalf and Natalie Hanford have been learning how to proofread, structurally edit and identify different types of news stories through a program endeavouring to teach them the foundations of journalism.

Aimed at prioritising literacy, the Brisbane Show Camp provides participating students the opportunity to learn skills and, if they're lucky, try them out writing for a newsletter at the Ekka during a week-long camp.

School principal Mark Thompson said the project was helping three of his students learn the ins and outs of journalism across four units.

"They were given someone else's work and then they had to proofread it and think about whether it is actually a news story,” he said.

"If not, they had to determine what needed to change to make it a news story.”

Bronte Bauer said the first unit taught her skills in editing.

"You had to fix up punctuation and make it how it would be in a newspaper,” Bronte said.

The second unit introduced students to the different angles a news story might explore.

"We looked at standard interest stories, public interest stories and human interest stories,” Ella said.

"And we had to sort them into groups.”

Having just completed their third unit, the three girls were ready to write their own stories.

"They'll take all the knowledge and skills they've been using,” Mr Thompson said.

"They get to choose the perspective and structure and show what they have learnt.”

While the trio said they had not previously thought about building a future career in media, the program got them thinking.

Following the program 20 students across the state will be selected to attend a camp in August and write news stories for the Ekka newspaper, the Ekka Courier.

"It's hands-on learning; they're actually writing stories about what's happening at the Ekka for a daily newsletter that's distributed throughout the show,” Mr Thomspon said.

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