Drunken prank lands trio in court

DRINK lots of alcohol.

Break into a Maroochydore church.

Remove table, chairs and bin of soccer balls.

Place table and chairs on a main road surrounded by witches hats.

Wait behind a hedge until cars come along.

Throw soccer balls at drivers and their cars when they try to clear a path.

It may seem like a hare-brained prank but magistrate John Parker brought home the possible consequences when three teenagers faced Maroochydore Magistrates Court yesterday.

Taylor Jay Stobie, 17, Aaron Robert Were, 17, and Brenden Andrew House, 18, were put on six-month good behaviour bonds.

“This was some dumb brain snap you had after you had a few drinks,” Mr Parker said.

“I hope you realise now how stupid, infantile and dangerous it really was.

“What if the lady (who took evasive action to avoid a chair) had lost control of her car, ran off the road, hit a tree and suffered brain damage or died?

“You’d be standing there facing manslaughter. It could very easily have happened.

“It’s midnight and people don’t expect to have to evade tables, chairs and soccer balls on the road.

“It was a childish, immature prank. You didn’t intend any harm but it could have been very serious and you’re fortunate it wasn’t.”

Police prosecutor Rick Pallister said police were called to Wises Road about 12.10am on July 9 and used a police dog to track down one of the boys hiding in a bush.

He said motorists could not get past the set-up without getting out of their vehicles to move objects.

Solicitor Michael Robinson said a charge for trespassing at the church was withdrawn when two of the boys apologised to the pastor.

He said the teenagers were otherwise of good character.

“For whatever reason they thought it was a good idea,” he said.

“They thought it was highly amusing at the time but they are aware of the consequences.”

Mr Were was fined $300 for obstructing police.

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