Linham Lance Mawhinney pleaded guilty to drunkenly obstructing police as officers were talking to a woman.
Linham Lance Mawhinney pleaded guilty to drunkenly obstructing police as officers were talking to a woman.

Drunk 21yo who tries to distract police ends up in court

A young man who gallantly tried to draw police attention away from a young woman who was being questioned now must complete mandatory community service for his drunken behaviour.

After interrupting, Linham Lance Mawhinney then tried to block officers from returning to his friend.

Police had been speaking to the woman about 2.30am on October 25 within the Mackay Safe Night Precinct when the 21 year old stepped in.

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When he was warned about interrupting, Mawhinney said: "I don't give a f*** what you say I'm not jumping out the way" before trying to block police from returning to the woman.

Mackay Magistrates Court heard Mawhinney also initially resisted arrest and behaved in a drunk and belligerent manner.

He pleaded guilty to obstructing police in public while intoxicated, which has a mandatory 40 hours community service penalty.

Defence solicitor Steven Hayles, of Macrossan and Amiet, labelled his client's behaviour as a "misguided attempt" to draw police away from the woman, who was an acquaintance.

The court heard she had been quite agitated when police spoke to her.

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Mr Hayes said after Mawhinney had stepped in and police asked him if he wanted to be arrested, he had backed towards the officers with his hands behind his back in co-operation.

My Hayles put the behaviour down to "poor judgment" because of alcohol.

The court heard Mawhinney had no criminal history. Mr Hayles argued the mandatory community service would be "penalty enough".

Acting Magistrate John Aberdeen agreed it would be "sufficient punishment for this offence".

Mawhinney must complete the 40 hours within the next 12 months. A conviction was not recorded.

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