'Drug-free' defendant admits to taking hit before court

A CHINCHILLA man was forced to admit he had a hit of amphetamines just before his court appearance.

Jonathan Wright, 36, had told his lawyers he was now drug-free, noting he had just been accepted to a roller driver job at Dalby and would have regular drug tests on the job.

But when Justice Ros Atkinson requested proof of those submissions, Wright refused and admitted a test would be positive.

Wright pleaded guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday to possessing 24.126g of pure amphetamines and drug-related items in Morayfield on April 3, 2010.

Crown prosecutor Philip McCarthy told the court Wright had been caught twice previously with glassware used to manufacture the drug.

He said police this time found the brown liquid in small containers in a small bar fridge in the master bedroom.

Wright's lawyer told the court his client was now in a much more stable relationship with a Warwick woman and was working on his rehabilitation.

After learning his client had taken a drug hit before court, his lawyer said Wright was "a stressy person".

Justice Atkinson said judges should be treated with more respect with proof to back up accused submissions.

She said Wright "obviously had a raging, uncontrolled drug habit".

"That's why I get irritated by unsubstantiated submissions he hasn't been using drugs ... when he has," she said.

Wright was sentenced to two years jail but was released on immediate parole.

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