Driving trainers say parents are teaching kids bad habits

A SUNSHINE Coast driving school has called on the State Government to introduce a subsidy for professional learner lessons.

Roadwise Driver Training directors Linnore and Michael Stibbard fear parental instructors are passing on bad driving habits that could lead to fatal crashes.

Under the current law, Queensland learner drivers must complete 100 practical driving hours but professional lessons are not compulsory.

Mr Stibbard said parents were often not aware of the most current road laws.

He said a learner driver needed between eight and 10 lessons to be competent and confident on the road.

He estimated close to 70% of learners taught by their parents failed their first driving test.

Mrs Stibbard said proper education in schools would help reduce the number of crashes young drivers were involved in.

"You see a lot of bad drivers out there but I wouldn't say the P-platers are all to blame," she said. "Where are they developing those attitudes to begin with?"

RACQ's Lauren Ritchie said there were some key attributes that made some supervisors better than others.

"It doesn't matter whether you're a mum or dad, being a supervisor requires patience, a level head and clear understanding of the road rules," she said.

"It's likely to have been quite some time since parents originally sat their driver exam."

Ms Ritchie said learner drivers struggled most with learning give-way rules and indicating on roundabouts.

"They're among the most common mistakes seen on the road by experienced drivers so it's vital that parents aren't passing on misinformation or bad habits," she said.

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