BEST BUY: Chris O'Brien makes sure he offers the cheapest fuel in town.
BEST BUY: Chris O'Brien makes sure he offers the cheapest fuel in town. Meg Bolton

Drivers urged to fuel up even if it's only few cents cheaper

CHEAP fuel and good service keep the customers coming back according to Chris O'Brien and he ensures he has the lowest priced fuel in Gatton every day.

While global oil prices continue to increase the cost of fuel, the Lockyer Valley Ford & Mitsubishi operations manager said he charged the lowest possible rate.

"We're a local family business and we want to look after people in the region,” Mr O'Brien said.

"Literally daily I check everyone's fuel pricing around the region and I make sure ours is the cheapest because that is the reason to come in, and then we try and keep them with the service that we offer.

"Even though it may be $1.40 one week and $1.50 next week, we still want to be a competitive price no matter where the market sits.”

During the last two weeks, the average cost of fuel in the Lockyer Valley has increased by about five cents a litre - a rising trend consistent across the state.

While regional Queenslanders aren't paying as much as those in Brisbane, global oil prices have driven expenses up, RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said.

"We have seen some sites increase their prices in the Lockyer Valley recently, this continues a trend that we've seen across lots of regional Queensland where global oil prices have been quite volatile,” Ms Ross said.

With unleaded petrol prices ranging from $1.40 a litre to over $1.60/L, Ms Ross urged motorists to fill up at any service station charging below $1.50/L.

"The average price for unleaded in the Lockyer Valley is $1.51/L, so if you spot any petrol below that price we would urge you to fill up,” she said.

Ms Ross urged motorists to boycott service stations charging exorbitant prices.

"Fill up at the cheapest location you can find even if it's only a cent or two per litre less,” Ms Ross said.

"We want to be giving our business to the cheapest place in town and taking our business from the service stations that are selling at the highest prices.”

Mr O'Brien said while it was difficult to keep the price of fuel low, he prioritised his customers.

"The most important thing rather than making those high profits is getting people coming in,” he said.

On Tuesday Lockyer Valley Ford & Mitsubishi charged $149.9/L for unleaded fuel.

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