Allan James.
Allan James. Hayley Nissen

Driver stews over seventh boozy drive

A BOOZY driver with six drink-driving offences has been left stewing with an anxious wait until a Bundaberg court makes a decision on his seventh charge, and whether he is fit to be granted a work licence.

Allan James, a concreter, pleaded guilty before magistrate Belinda Merrin to drink driving on April 19 with an alcohol reading of 0.119.

Ms Merrin said James had seven prior drink-drive offences when he put an application before her to grant him a restricted work licence.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Andrew Blunt said James was intercepted when driving on the Bruce Hwy at 12.37pm that day.

He told officers he drank 10 beers between 3.30pm and 1am the night before.

James's lawyer said his previous drink-drive convictions were all high-range offences but this was mid-range, and his last offence was back in 2010.

She said he needed a licence because he had changed jobs to earthworks as a result of an injury.

She said James only began driving an hour before he was stopped after taking over from another driver on a drive back from Emerald.

"It's different behaviour than in the past when he had disregard for other road users," the lawyer said.

Ms Merrin warned she was finding it hard to find James was a fit and proper person to be issued with a restricted work licence.

"You tell me that he has left that drinking culture but he is here (before the court)," Ms Merrin said.

"He must have been very intoxicated because 12 hours later his reading was 0.119. He sat behind the wheel and didn't feel any affects, that concerns me."

She said the fact he had no convictions in the past seven years still did not mean he was a fit and proper person.

Ms Merrin adjourned her decision until June 12.

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