Driver crashes into pool and causes $13,205 in damage

CHRISTOPHER James Lupton was drunk and smoked up his rear tyres so much that they disintegrated.

After his extreme burnout, he drove dangerously down three suburban streets in Andergrove - Gemini Dr, Apollo Dr and Saturn St - drawing the attention of the residents, before crashing into someone's pool and causing $13,205 in damage.

At the time, Lupton was more than three times the legal limit, with a blood alcohol concentrate of 0.181%, the magistrates court heard.

A passenger in Lupton's vehicle said the 26-year-old had done burnouts in a car park near Gemini Dr and caused so much smoke he couldn't see, prosecutor Sheena Hayes said.

Lupton had lost control of the vehicle on Saturn St, mounted the gutter and crossed the grass before crashing into the pool of a residence on Warrener St, Ms Hayes said.

Defence solicitor Antoinette Morton, of Morton Lawyers, said Lupton "sat on the curb and waited for police".

"He didn't try and... limit his liability in any way," she said.

He pleaded guilty to dangerous driving while affected by alcohol.

Magistrate Ross Risson said a period of imprisonment was warranted. "You did a burnout to the extent that the rear tyres of the vehicle disintegrated, exploding rubber all over the street," he said.

Lupton was jailed for six months, but granted immediate parole and disqualified for 18 months.

He was ordered to pay full restitution.

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