Driver busted five time over limit after bullride

THE number of drink drivers nabbed after Mulga Bull Ride events continues to decline as police urge party goers to think before they get behind the wheel.

Laidley police were pleasantly surprised to find far fewer drink drivers after the Mulga Bull Ride than they did after the June event.

Four drink drivers and a single drug driver were charged compared to the 16 nabbed after the last bull ride.

Laidley Police Station Officer-in-Charge Senior Sergeant Regan Draheim said numbers had been decreasing during the past few events, with more than twenty traffic charges laid at the second last event.

"We seem to be having a positive effect and the really good thing about the event on Friday was there were a lot more families," Snr Sgt Draheim said.

"The event is quite well-run - unfortunately the licensee can't control everything outside the hotel like people's behaviours and if they drive home or not."

He said it was hard to tell the cause of the decline but noted only 700 visitors attended, compared with the nearly 2000 at the last Mulga Bull Ride.

"For the last two events they've only been licensed to trade until midnight, whereas previously they've traded until 4am," he said.

"There was also another event on in Jimboomba which coincided with the Mulga Bull Ride... We think that had an effect on numbers."

Though the majority of offenders were low range drink drivers, including a P plate driver who blew less than 0.05, one driver blew almost five times the legal limit.

With a fire ban in place, police had an additional hurdle to navigate as they patrolled the camp grounds.

"We did have one incident late in the evening where there was a camper who lit a fire," Snr Sgt Draheim said.

He said his team made efforts to patrol the drinking on the camp grounds earlier on than they did last time.

"We tried to curb people's consumption of liquor earlier in the evening," he said.

"It's what has traditionally caused us a bit of grief."

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