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Repeat drink driver jailed

"I'M DRIVING drunk, it's no big deal."

Those were the words of 53-year-old Kenneth John Halcrow who found out just how serious drink-driving was when he was sentenced to six months jail on Friday.

The Bundaberg South man appeared in the dock of Bundaberg Magistrates Court where he pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without a licence and possessing a knife in public.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said Halcrow was pulled over by police about 8.45pm on Tuesday on FE Walker St.

"They spoke to the defendant who said he didn't have a licence," Sgt Stevens said.

"Checks revealed he was disqualified by court order on March 2, 2010 for two years.

"Police saw there was a knife on his belt used for fishing."

Officers performed a roadside breath test on Halcrow which gave a positive reading, causing them to take him for further tests.

Sgt Stevens said Halcrow then told police: "I'm driving drunk, it's no big deal."

The defendant said he had consumed about five beers but a blood-alcohol test showed he had a reading of .193%, almost four times the legal limit.

"Of concern is the defendant's attitude," Sgt Stevens said.

"He has been convicted five times for disqualified driving.

"He has not only shown his contempt for court orders, but he has shown contempt for his safety and the safety of the Bundaberg community."

Lawyer Allan Keleher said his client did not recall saying drink-driving was "no big deal" but accepted the facts read out by the prosecutor.

Mr Keleher said his client was a full-time carer for his partner.

"One hardly needs to be a doctor to realise that Mr Halcrow's (incarceration) would impact on his partner's anxiety levels," Magistrate Jennifer Batts said after reading the letter.

Ms Batts said she was surprised Halcrow had not thought more about those consequences before getting behind the wheel.

"You were driving at .193%, an exceedingly high level," Ms Batts said.

Halcrow was sentenced to six months jail for the driving offences with parole on December 11.

He was convicted and not further punished for the knife offence and was disqualified from driving for three years for disqualified driving and 16 months for drink-driving.

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