Capras player Tim Glasby in action against the Wynnum Manly Seagulls in Sunday’s heavy loss to the defending premiers.
Capras player Tim Glasby in action against the Wynnum Manly Seagulls in Sunday’s heavy loss to the defending premiers. Charles Knight

Don't give up on our team

ON Sunday the CQ Capras lost 84-6 in their Intrust Cup clash against defending premiers Wynnum Manly.

The loss prompted the club's chairman, Steve McCosker, to write the following Letter to the Editor.

SADLY the Capras' fairytale has come to an abrupt halt.

But this is only a point in time.

A brilliant pre-season preparation, the most successful launch and a winning start at home to the Intrust Cup had wiped some bad memories and created enormous hope.

On the weekend our young, inexperienced group were belted by Wynnum Manly, defending Queensland premiers, playing at home in front of a large, parochial crowd that has been there since the days of Lewis, Lindner, Miles, Scott, Dowling, French [2] Green and co.

They are bankrolled with a budget twice that of the Capras and are loaded with NRL hopefuls trained and coached to be on standby for the world's toughest competition.

We ran into them too early in our revival and we were given a footballing lesson led by a halfback, a hooker and a fullback on a run that has winning big stamped all over it.

This Capras team is made up of a group of young men of enormous substance - they will bring us many proud moments this year similar to those at Browne Park last weekend.

Our coaching and management staff will be hurting from this, but they are men of substance as well and they will rise to the challenge of holding their nerve.

Our committee will be concerned for our group and anxious to contribute to the archiving of the memory of the weekend and reset the club on the path that is set in stone.

We will become a winning club.

Our supporters will surely be disappointed, but they are Central Queenslanders and will ride this through and provide the energy to the club to learn from this and form a partnership that will make Browne Park a high-risk game for every visiting team in 2012.

There is no hiding from the reality we are all under scrutiny to regroup, recover and seek out the improvements necessary to compete in this competition and represent Central Queensland with distinction.

Central Queenslanders are under scrutiny as well.

One "war cry" of the advocates of an NRL franchise has been that we "deserve" the franchise.

The Capras team is currently our only representative rugby league team and the support for that team will be the only barometer the NRL Commission will have to test the mettle of the prospective supporters of an NRL club.

If the commission expands the competition and CQ were to be successful then we must surely expect the club would take time to be competitive and would be on the end of some beltings similar to the Capras' against Wynnum Manly.

There will be no future for a club or a community comprising "fair-weather" friends.

To be "deserving" of something you need to know how to fight from the trenches.

If we truly deserve an NRL team then we should send a message to the entire rugby league community in the form of support for the team we do have competing in the statewide Intrust Super Rugby League competition.

Our team really felt that loss on Sunday.

There are no big heads in this group.

They want to play well, they want our region to be proud of them.

There is huge improvement in them and they will learn to play better football at this level as they learn to apply pressure and not release it and understand the speeds they need to reach in attack and defence to burn other sides.

They will quickly reach a standard where they win more than they lose. This is a group that deserves patience and encouragement from our region's community.

This is a group that deserves to be supported, they will rise to great heights in the next three years and Wynnum's day will come.

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