Dog owner treks through bushfires to save puppies

AMONG the devastation of fires, there's some good news from the Lockyer Valley with some very special pups coming into the world.

It was anything but a normal Friday afternoon for Thornton labrador breeder Margo Hayes, and it wasn't just the fires burning to the north of her property.

Fudge the chocolate lab was due to give birth, but something wasn't right.

"When I came back from work, I realised that she was in distress," Ms Hayes said.

With a litter of pups on the way, she had no choice but to brave the fires to make it to a vet.

It was a nervous drive for Ms Hayes and Fudge, as firefighters struggled to control fast-moving fires at Thornton and Laidley Creek West.

"It was ablaze that Friday afternoon because the winds were so horrendous," she said.

"The whole mountain side was just ablaze. It was roaring up the hill."

An emergency C-section later and five healthy pups came into the world.

But the journey wasn't over, with Ms Hayes and the new family still needing to make it home and the fires had gotten worse.

"There was police everywhere and rural fire services everywhere," she said.

"I was worried about what happens if I can't get back."

Fudge and pups are now safely home, with the young dogs completely unaware of the incredible journey it took to bring them into the world.

Ms Hayes said names like Smokey, Charcoal and Sooty were on the cards, and she was pleased the story had a happy ending.

"It's a little bit of good news among all the devastation," she said.



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