'You could actually see her heart': Family dog attacked

Lucy, Ruby and Holly Anlezark with their pet Pebbles.
Lucy, Ruby and Holly Anlezark with their pet Pebbles. contributed

WARNING: Distressing content

A DOG has been mauled to death right in front of its owner in a horrifying attack by another dog in Toowoomba.  

Angela Sanderson was walking her daughters' beloved jack russell Pebbles in Highfields yesterday afternoon when the husky attacked.   

Pebbles was on a leash when the husky, which wasn't on a leash, ran up and grabbed the tiny dog.   

Ms Sanderson was not even able to see the dog's owners in the distance, who had been walking with the dog prior to the attack.   

Her children Holly, 14, Lucy, 11, and Ruby, 8, Anlezark have been left devastated at the loss of their six-year-old companion. 

Six-year-old Pebbles was killed by a husky at Highfields earlier this year.
Six-year-old Pebbles was killed by a husky at Highfields earlier this year. Contributed

The girls' father Justin Anlezark is just thankful they were not with their mother when the attack happened about 4.30pm at a park on Highfields Rd.   

"It was just awful for Ang. The dog just grabbed Pebbles and was tearing holes in her," Mr Anlezark said.   

"She said the holes were so deep you could actually see her heart beating."  

Mr Anlezark said the attack lasted a couple of minutes at most and poor Pebbles was still clinging to life. Unfortunately there was nothing a vet could do to help and she was put down.  

"When the owner finally came up to Ang, he was just dumbfounded," Mr Anlezark said.   

"What would have happened if the kids were there?  

"I am more scared about what if it was a family with a baby laying on the grass. 

"It ran straight for Pebbles, it didn't care who was around."  

Mr Anlezark described Pebbles as their little "soul mate".

 He now wants to make sure all dog owners, especially those who have larger dogs, are accountable for their animals.   

"If you are an owner you have got to think of the repercussions," Mr Anlezark said.   

"Poor Pebbles didn't have a chance. She was just six-years-old and she was everything to us. It is like you have lost a child.  

"Pebbles was the community's dog. She loved Saturday's Park Run morning. Everyone loves seeing her."

Holly, Ruby and Lucy Anlezark and their mother Angela Sanderson with Pebbles.
Holly, Ruby and Lucy Anlezark and their mother Angela Sanderson with Pebbles. contributed

Mr Anlezark wants to say to the husky's owners, "we lost a really important member of our family because of your negligence in a split second".   

"If it was on the lead, they would have their dog and I would have mine," he said.   

Toowoomba Regional Council spoke to the family about the incident last night and Mr Anlezark wants the owners to be penalised over the attack.   

"I don't want anyone else to go through what we went thought. Owners need to be accountable," he said.   

The council has been contacted for comment.   

Do you think councils should impose harsher, criminal penalties when dogs are mauled due to owner negligence?

This poll ended on 21 August 2017.

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Yes - we need to make sure people take restraining dangerous dogs seriously.


No - a harsher approach seems too much for what is often a non-intentional incident.


What is wrong with how it is handled now?


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