Dodt ton sinks Helidon bowlers


Southern Lockyer v Helidon

Southern Lockyer batted first in its two day match against Helidon and got off to a good start, making 93 for the opening wicket thanks to Jarryd Janke (55) and Aaron Sippel (33).

A steady flow of wickets then followed before a whirlwind innings by Chris Dodt lifted the total.

Dodt scored 100 off 49 balls, hitting the Helidon bowlers to every part of the ground.

After he was dismissed Southern Lockyer declared at 8/271.

The best with the ball for Helidon was Alf Wilkins (4-39) and Tim Stone (3-50).

In reply, Helidon toiled hard with Raymond McBride leading the way at the top of the innings.

In the end he fell five runs short of a century after being run out.

Helidon were bowled out 100 runs short, conceding first innings points to Southern Lockyer.

Southern Lockyer then went back in chasing quick runs to set up a possible outright victory.

They declared the second innings at 2/74 but were unable to dismiss Helidon for a second time.

Southern Lockyer first innings

J. Janke b A. Wilkins 55

A. Sippel c M McMahon b A. Wilkins 33

C. Sippel c M. McMahon b A. Wilkins 0

J. Raddatz b T. Stone 16

B. Webster c A. Wilkins b T. Stone 22

S. Neuendorf c M. McMahon b A. Wilkins 0

C. Woolacott c M. Ashley b T. Stone 12

C. Dodt c A. Wilkinson b R. McBride 100

K. Smith not out 22

Sundries 15

Total 8/271 dec.

FOW: 93, 93, 98, 114, 119, 136, 164, 271.

Bowling: 10-0-59-0, W. Alley 9-0-57-0, A. Wilkins 14-2-39-4, J. Frederiksen 8-1-29-0, T. Stone 9-2-50-3, M. Ashley 3-0-26-0, R. McBride 0.2-0-1-1.

Helidon first innings

R. McBride run out 95

D. Simpson c C. Dodt b C. Woolacott 7

S. Ashley c K. Smith b S. Neuendorf 5

A. Wilkinson c C. Sippel b C. Dodt 3

A. Wilkins c C. Dodt b A. D'Andilly 6

J. Frederiksen b B. Woolacott 21

M. McMahon c A. Sippel b B. Woolacott 0

M. Ashley not out 11

T. Stone b B. Webster 3

W. Halley c J. Janke b B. Webster 7

C. Simpson b B. Webster 0

Sundries 13

Total 171

FOW: 35, 71, 91, 123, 123, 129, 154, 161, 171, 171.

Bowling: A. D'Andilly 8-1-36-1, B. Webster 7-1-22-3, C. Dodt 12-6-16-1, C. Woolacott 7-5-20-1, C. Sippel 9-2-34-0, A. Sippel 2-0-13-0, S. Neuendorf 5-1-14-1, B. Woolacott 6-2-10-2.

Southern Lockyer second innings

S. Neuendorf st M. McMahon b R. McBride 12

A. Sippel b A. Wilkins 23

B. Woolacott not out 6

C. Woolacott not out 22

Sundries 11

Total 2/74

FOW: 40, 44.

Bowling: T. Stone 1-0-9-0, S. Ashley 1-0-18-0, A. Wilkins 2-0-20-1, R. McBride 2-0-17-1.

Helidon second innings

R. McBride c C. Woolacott b C. Sippel 56

A. Wilkinson c J. Raddatz b C. Sippel 27

S. Ashley not out 10

A. Wilkins st K. Smith b C. Sippel 1

M. McMahon c C. Dodt b S. Neuendorf 11

J. Frederiksen lbw S. Neuendorf 2

D. Simpson not out 0

Sundries 2

Total 5/109

FOW: 83, 84, 87, 102, 104.

Bowling: C. Dodt 6-2-23-0, B. Webster 2-0-7-0, A. Sippel 2-0-23-0, A. D'Andilly 2-0-12-0, C. Sippel 11-3-28-3, B. Woolacott 4-0-13-0, S. Neuendorf 4-2-3-2.

Mulgowie v Glenore Grove

With their season on the line, Glenore Grove were sent in to bat on the first day.

The steady loss of wickets throughout the day left Glenore Grove struggling to be all out for 115, with only Matt Muller (25) and Mitch Teske (28) offering any real resistance.

All of Mulgowie's bowlers chipped in, well led by openers Anthony Sippel (2-24) and Grant Dean (1-19).

In reply, Mulgowie secured first innings points making 7/214 before declaring.

Terry Emmerson led the way with his first A-Grade ton and was well supported by Grant Dean (23), Dan Maroske (36) and Anthony Sippel (30).

With Mulgowie in a position to chase an outright victory, the bowlers attacked well to have Glenore Grove on the ropes at 9/129 when a storm came through, stopping play 45 minutes early, saving Glenore Grove from outright defeat.

Corey Neumann (30) and Aaron Katt (24) were best with the bat for Glenore Grove.

Best with the ball for Mulgowie were Anthony Sippel (3-20) and Terry Emmerson (3-9).

Glenore Grove first innings

J. Wallace c T. Emmerson b A. Sippel 16

C. Neumann lbw A. Sippel 3

M. Muller c T. Bichel b C. Crack 25

A. Katt c S. Emmerson b G. Dean 2

S. Brandt c T. Bichel b T. Emmerson 14

M. Teske c T. Bichel D. Maroski 28

P. Dargusch c T. Bichel b T. Emmerson 0

P. Zischke b M. Adamski 8

P. Loy b M. Adamski 11

D. Granzien not out 4

J. Gehrke c C. Crack b D. Maroski 0

Total 115

Bowling: A. Sippel 9-3-24-2, G. Dean 8-3-19-1, C. Crack 10-3-21-1, D. Maroski 2.3-0-10-2, T. Emmerson 6-1-17-2, M. Adamski 3-0-18-2.

Mulgowie first innings

T. Emmerson not out 102

A. Wright b P. Zischke 6

G. Dean c M. Teske b P. Zischke 23

M. Adamski lbw P. Zischke 0

C. Crack c P. Dargusch 0

T. Noffke c C. Neumann b M. Muller 6

D. Maroske b P. Loy 36

A. Sippel c A. Katt b P. Zischke 30

Total 7/214 dec.

Bowling: D. Granzien 18-3-55-0, P. Zischke 20-7-51-5, M. Muller 10-1-41-1, J. Gehrke 2-0-7-0, P. Dargusch 3-1-10-0, P. Loy 7-2-18-1, R. Neumann 2-0-18-0, S. Brandt 2-0-4-0.

Glenore Grove second innings

J. Wallace b A. Sippel 4

C. Neumann lbw M. Adamski 30

R. Neumann c S. Emmerson b A. Sippel 0

M. Muller c S. Emmerson b A. Sippel 16

A. Katt c S. Emmerson b S. McGrath 24

M. Teske b M. Adamski 14

S. Brandt b T. Emmerson 13

P. Dargusch not out 6

P. Loy b T. Emmerson 5

D. Granzien b T. Emmerson 2

P. Zischke not out 0

Total 9/129

Bowling: A. Sippel 9.2-3-20-3, G. Dean 6-2-15-0, D. Maroski 6-0-36-0, S. McGrath 7-1-15-1, C. Crack 1-1-0-0, M. Adamski 7-2-21-2, T. Emmerson 4-0-9-3.


Gatton/Fordsdale 6/188 (K. Burchmann 41, H. Willmett 35, C. Jackson 33; B. Dywer 2-4, B. Steinhardt 2-25, D. Nichol 2-34) d Southern Lockyer 8/184 (J. Atkins 62, R. Janke 40, B. Natalier 21; M. Rieck 3-16, B. Smith 2-39, D. Hohenhaus 1-38).

B Grade

Glenore Grove Blue 5/104 (B. Zischke 30 not out, J. Malone 30, J. McDonald 10) d Southern Lockyer 99 (J. Gierke 29, M. Sippel 19, G. Kok 19; M. Schultz 5-26, T. Zumbansen 3-19, J. McDonald 1-1).

Southern Lockyer Colts 5/289 (M. Ruthenberg 160 not out, J. Reisenleiter 71, J. Wilkin 12; J. Woodall 2-49, B. Topp 1-17, D. Pollock 1-28) d Gatton/Fordsdale Maroon 95 (B. Topp 27, D. Pollock 23, J. Woodall 17; J. Crighton 6-8, Kapil 3-22, J. Dionysius 1-34).

Gatton/Fordsdale Gold 246 (G. Gablonski 52, J. Dowe 46, R. Miners 36; M. Richter 3-20, Maguire 2-29, E. Rabone 1-6) d Southern Lockyer Fillies 60 (S. Rabone 10, R. Rabone 8, C. Purton 8; T. Pickering 3-23, J. Reck 2-14, D. Wheeler 2-15).

Representative cricket

The Mitchell Shield side for Lockyer this week plays Central Downs while the Davis Shield side is playing Stanthorpe.

The Mitchell Shield team for the final on Sunday, January 29 at Cahill Park is: S. Kleidon (c), S. Wheeler, S. McGovern, S. Neuendorf, T. Emmerson, A. Werth, A. Sippel, C. Sippel, J. Wallace, B. Webster and J. Janke.

The Davis Shield side for the final this Sunday at Ropehill is: J. Raddatz (c), H. Willmott, A. Wright, B. Woolacott, C. Woolacott, B. Steinhardt, K. Smith, T. Bichel, R. Janke, M. Ashley, P. Loy.

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