Wacol railway station on Queensland Rail's Ipswich line.
Wacol railway station on Queensland Rail's Ipswich line.

Doctor tells jury abrasion could be from consensual sex

A JURY has been told by a forensic doctor abrasions he found on an alleged rape victims vagina could have been caused by consensual sex.

Thomas Larry, 36, has pleaded not guilty in the Brisbane District Court to raping a woman he befriended on an Ipswich-bound train on January 19.

Doctor Robert Hoskins, who used to work in the Queensland Health Clinical Forensics Unit, told the court via telephone on Tuesday he examined the woman the morning after the alleged rape.

Crown Prosecutor Salvatore Vasta asked the doctor to describe to the court what he determined during the course of the examination.

"I conducted a visual inspection of the woman's vagina where I found a small abrasion," he said.

"It had the appearance of being very recent.

"Injuries of this nature can occur during both consensual and non-consensual sex.

"I can not be absolutely certain it was not caused by consensual sex which occurred 48 hours prior.

"However, these types of abrasions are more prevalent during non-consensual sex."

Dr Hoskins also told the court there was no evidence the woman, who can not be named, had been hit over the back of the head and he did not see any abrasions or grazes on her back.

Earlier, during a closed session, the woman told the court she had been hit over the back of the head by the accused and had several cuts and abrasions on her back as a result of allegedly being raped in bushland near Wacol.

The jury then heard from Calice Murray, a friend of three years, who told the court the woman went to her house after the alleged rape.

Ms Murray was asked by Mr Vasta to describe her friend's demeanour the night she turned up to her Darra home.

"She was frantic and crying," she said.

"I noticed her shorts were inside out.

"She said she had just been raped and wanted a shower to get the smell off her, but I would not let her."

The trial before Judge David Reid continues.