THE Daily team hit the streets of the Sunshine Coast yesterday to give the public a bit of a pop quiz.

We showed residents of Nambour, Caloundra and Noosa a photo of current Queensland Premier Campbell Newman without telling him who he was or giving them any hints.

We then asked them to tell us who he was.

Surprisingly a lot of people failed to recognise the current Queensland Premier, despite him being on TV, radio, online and print news almost every day in this state. 

The findings were interesting and had us questioning if people really knew who they were voting for.

Fortunately some still did pass the test though.

Would you recognise the leader of your state if you saw him in the street?

Fernvale Lions need help to finish community hub

Fernvale Lions need help to finish community hub

The project is hoped to be completed by the end of June.

A journey back in time

A journey back in time

Vistors enjoyed a glimpe into the region's past.

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