Defence, Crown both to push ahead with bikie law battle

THE bid to declare the Finks Motorcycle Club's Gold Coast chapter a criminal organisation will play out in just more than seven months.

The bikie gang chapter took the Queensland Government's attempt to outlaw their group under the Criminal Organisation Act to the High Court recently on grounds the legislation infringed on the Supreme Court's institutional integrity and Australia's constitution.

But Australia's highest court upheld the validity of the Act on Thursday. 14/3

The matter was heard in the Supreme Court in Brisbane on Friday where the defence and the crown indicated their intention to push ahead with the battle.

Counsel for the Queensland Police Assistant Commissioner Mike Condon, Gim Del Villar, confirmed his client had not had a chance to digest the entirety of the High Court's reasons.

Counsel for the Finks, Julia Jasper, echoed this.

Supreme Court Justice David Boddice set the case down for a review next month but indicated a trial would begin after mid-October.

It is estimated the trial will run for seven weeks.

If the State Government is successful, it will be illegal for the Finks members to associate with one another or wear club colours.

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