Debate over 'fault' in multi vehicle crash


A collision between a cyclist and a turning car has sparked a heated debate over who is at fault.

People online have been divided over who should have been more aware of the other on the road, with some saying the cyclist should have been looking out for the driver. Others said the driver should have been taking more care and was turning dangerously.

A video of the crash was shared yesterday by popular Facebook group Dash Cam Owners Australia. It shows the cyclist riding in the left hand cycle lane. As the cyclist moves across an intersection, the driver in a black car travelling in the opposite direction attempts to turn at the same time between banked up cars and trams.

As the black car attempts to turn through the intersection it collides with the cyclist.

The car waiting to turn. Picture: Dash Cam Owners Australia
The car waiting to turn. Picture: Dash Cam Owners Australia


Picture: Dash Cam Owners Australia
Picture: Dash Cam Owners Australia


Many commenters blamed the cyclist for the crash.

"The cyclist should have been in 'self preservation' mode, " one woman said. "You have to assume - if you don't have a clear view that a car may be turning into the street."

"The lines for the bike become give way at the intersection. Bike rider at fault for not giving way," another said.

But others disagreed, saying the driver didn't have a clear view before turning.

"The driver of the turning car is definitely at fault here," one commenter said. "However, and it kills me to say it, it would be very difficult for the driver to see the approaching cyclist. I would never ride through at that speed."

"Even as a car driver, passing a stopped lane of cars to the right of me and approaching a side road, I always expect a gap will have a car come through it, so I slow down and check first," one man commented on the video. "Right of way comes second to common sense and safety."

"Car at fault - but the driver's not the one going to end up in hospital, is he," one commenter said. "I ride a motorbike, and always ride with the mentality that no matter who's right or wrong, it's me that will end up in a lot of pain in an accident. Better to pay attention and expect everyone else to do the wrong thing."

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