DeathAdder: FPS precision and all-day ergonomics in one

I'D never used a DeathAdder before so the pleasure of its ergonomics were a surprise to me.

It's the kind of mouse you don't need to think about. It doesn't distract or detract; you use it and it responds perfectly.

The tapered sides with rubber grips on each side make for an almost piano-like precision to your hand position.

That might not mean much if you're trudging through Excel all day but the payoff in gaming is worth weeks of practicing the hard way.

The DeathAdder is simple compared to the Naga, sporting only two thumb-buttons and a stock scroll wheel.

As wonderful as this is, in some ways it's beaten by the latest SteelSeries Sensai for the latter's ambidextrous design and more precise sensor.

The Sensai even has the the same colour LED customisation but in three zones, not two. Reviewing the two side-by side as a right hander, I found the DeathAdder to be the more comfortable of the two by a wide margin.

You're not going wrong if you buy the new DeathAdder. It's a solid mouse with amazing feel and internals.

The Razer DeathAdder Chroma costs AU$99.95 from

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