CLEAR CUT: Lockyer MP Jim McDonald said a recent Facebook poll has helped him form a
CLEAR CUT: Lockyer MP Jim McDonald said a recent Facebook poll has helped him form a "clear” opinion on the daylight saving time debate. Dominic Elsome

Daylight savings debate clear cut in Lockyer

IT'S the debate that just won't die - should Queensland introduce daylight saving time.

The contentious issue has again been ignited after a poll in the Courier Mail found 55 per cent of Queenslanders supported the introduction of daylight saving, while 41 per cent were against it and 4 per cent undecided.

Move further out to the Lockyer Valley, however, and opinions are a lot more clear cut.

Seeking to gauge community opinion, local MP Jim McDonald posted a poll on Facebook asking for residents' thoughts.

After 1243 votes, the result was a resounding no at 67 per cent, with just 33 per cent favouring moving the clocks forward an hour.

Should Queensland adopt daylight saving times?

This poll ended on 27 August 2018.

Current Results





This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

While both the Premier and Opposition leader have ruled out any changes, Mr McDonald said the poll helped him form a clear opinion.

"It's about having a conversation with the community and understanding what the community's views are, and our job is to represent the interests of the community and if I'm not getting the best information from the community then I can't make the best decisions on their behalf," Mr McDonald said.

He also said Facebook was a "great tool" and that he would be using social media more often to gauge the electorate's views on contentious issues.

"It's a great idea and a great tool - but we also know that many people are not on it, so that's why we get out and do our listening posts, we get out to each of the smaller communities and talk to members and give them the opportunity to do surveys and what have you in person," he said.

Among the clear majority against changing the status quo was local lawyer and president of the Lockyer Chamber of Commerce & Industry Paul Emmerson, who said the renewed debate was a distraction from real issues.

"Why don't they focus on something that can seriously improve our economy rather than something that just disrupts our lives for nothing," Mr Emmerson said.

"Tell them to get up an hour early, just leave it alone."

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