The Stonehouse at Moore is one of many old locations in the region said to harbour a haunting history.
The Stonehouse at Moore is one of many old locations in the region said to harbour a haunting history.

Dark Pasts: 7 (possibly) haunted locations in the region

HISTORY is often rife with misfortunes and mysteries, which can find new life as urban legends and ghost stories long after those involved have passed.

Though not as prolific as some more famed or notorious locations, the Lockyer Valley and Somerset regions are home to numerous historic sites that some claim to harbour hauntings.

Whether you're passionate about the paranormal, are a hardened sceptic, or just have a fondness for history, read on to find out a little about the places in your area that might just be home to ghosts.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, many of these locations are currently closed to the public.

Woodlands, Marburg

A classic country mansion from circa 1870, the Woodlands mansion at Marburg is open to the public restaurant and function centre, and may also be the residence of a few lingering spirits.

Among those who are said to still haunt the grounds are members of the original owners, the Smith family, as well as priests who are said to have died at the mansion when it was used as a seminary.

There are also stories surrounding a female servant who was pushed to her death down the master staircase, and a young boy who drowned in the pool, and is now said to roam the first floor.

Whether there is any truth to the ghost stories or not, the mansion is still a beautiful example of classic Australian architecture, and well worth a visit.

Check out their website for more information.

Stonehouse, Moore

At more than 140 years old, the Moore Stonehouse is an enduring monument to times past, and like many old buildings, it has its fair share of deaths connected to it.

Among those whose spirits might remain at the property are members of the Williams family who owned the house, several of whom died on the premises.

Stories also persist about a coachman who hanged himself on the property.

The property is now heritage-listed, but has open days and tours for those interested in its history.

For updates on the current access to the public, visit the site's Facebook Page.

Bellevue Homestead, Coominya

Another heritage-listed property in the Somerset, the Bellevue Homestead also dates back to the 1870s, housing many restored buildings from the various eras the property has endured.

At least one previous owner is known to have died on the grounds, which corresponds with claims that a lone ghost haunts the site.

The homestead has changed hands several times in recent years, each offering different kinds of events, but the site remains open to the occasional public tour.

For find out about upcoming tours, check out the Homestead's website.

Gatton Historical Village

One of the most diverse locations on the list, the Gatton Historical Village is a repository of buildings and items salvaged from throughout the Lockyer Valley, and beyond.

A structure called the Hopewell House is said to be the most actively haunted area, with several of the previous owners having died there.

Paranormal Investigators have also claimed to have made contact with the victims of the Gatton Murders, whose birth certificates and court documents are housed at the Historical Centre.

Setting aside the possible spirits associated with the site, the village offers a fascinating insight into the history of the region for those eager to learn.

Follow the Gatton and District Historical Society page to find out more.

Laidley Pioneer Village

Another location steeped in history, the Laidley Pioneer Village and museum includes structures and items from throughout the region.

There is a blacksmith's shop, cells from the Laidley Police Complex, a post office and general store from Booval, a butcher's shop from near Warwick, a schoolhouse from Blantyre, a cottage from Blenheim, and a church from Mt. Berryman, with furnishings from churches at Mt. Sylvia and Thornton.

With so many items, from so many places, it comes as little surprise to hear paranormal investigators claim the village is home to a myriad of wayward spirits.

For regular updates about the village and its collection, consult their Facebook Page.

Old Britannia Pub, Laidley

An enduring heritage location with a deep history, the Old Britannia.

As a pub, the Old Britannia has seen thousands of visitors over the years, and it appears that a few have chosen to stick around, with locals and investigators alike claiming to have experienced ghostly encounters in various parts of the pub.

Find out more about the pub at its Facebook Page.

Das Neumann Haus

Rounding out the lists of Laidley's haunted locales is Das Neumann Haus, built by German immigrant Hermann Neumann in 1893.

The house has been restored to its former condition, refurnished in the style of the 1930s and is open to the public as a museum, as well as housing a coffee shop.

After hours, the house takes on a very different light, with tales of shifting furniture and mysterious sounds, prompting paranormal investigators to lead tours of the building.

Entry is free for visitors, whether they're looking for a glimpse into history or something stranger.

For further information about the museum, click here.

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