Cyclone to hit South-East: experts

SOUTH-EAST Queensland should continue to brace itself for the possibility of a cyclone this season with weather forecasters predicting it will come within the month.

Long-range weather forecasters Ken Ring and Hayden Walker agree the South-East will be hit by a cyclone.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicted six or seven cyclones for the summer season. So far there have been four.

Mr Ring, who forecasts for Channel 7, said after mid-February “then it's the turn of South-East Queensland and New South Wales”.

“Cyclones always take place around a new or a full moon. Today is a new moon – we should get the next one around the full moon.

“Queensland can expect more flooding in March. It's not over yet. March is going to be even a heavier month.”

Mr Walker said the signs continued to indicate the South-East would face a cyclone.

“By the end of February, beginning of March, another system will be floating around,” he said.

“You find when we get above average cyclonic activity with water temperatures so much warmer, cyclones track further down south.

“The really wet weather also increases the possibility of cyclones.”

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