VIDEO: Cyber stalker uses photo of victim's mum for profile

IT sounds like a scene from a psychological thriller.  

An Ipswich woman has endured the kind of cyber stalking you would only expect to see in a Hollywood blockbuster.

For two days, hairdresser Bijanca Dukes was bombarded with more than a thousand messages from a Facebook profile using a photo of her own, half-naked mother.  

The stalker seemed to know exactly where she was and even what she was doing.    

CYBER PSYCHO: Hairdresser Bijanca Dukes was bombarded with more than 1000 messages from a Facebook user using a half-naked photo of her own mother as a profile picture.
CYBER PSYCHO: Hairdresser Bijanca Dukes was bombarded with more than 1000 messages from a Facebook user using a half-naked photo of her own mother as a profile picture. David Nielsen

It started with a friend request at 9.30pm on Sunday night while Bijanca was at home on her couch watching Netflix. 

The profile initially showed her business's logo, but that was soon changed to the photo of Bijanca's mother (pictured above) posing in her underwear - an innocent shot taken for a campaign celebrating the bodies of women over 50.  

Bijanca ignored the request, but then hundreds of messages started coming through asking 'have you told him yet?'.

After the stalker left a review on her business page later that night saying they weren't happy with a spray tan they claimed was done at her salon, Bijanca decided to take it to the police.   

"Where you, where you going?" the Facebook user asked her over and over again as she drove to the police station.   

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As the distraught 33-year-old sat outside the building crying, the messages changed to "Boohoo, boohoo, boohoo".

"That's when I started to lose it," Bijanca said.    

"How could they know I was crying unless they were watching me?   

"I was gutted and so embarrassed when I saw the photo of my mother. I was actually physically sick."  

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On Monday morning hundreds more messages came through saying 'morning, morning'.   

The ordeal ended on Tuesday when Facebook finally removed the profile but Bijanca fears the stalker will return.  

Her mother has received 326 similar emails and more than 400 messages to her Facebook Page.

While most of the messages came from one Facebook account, others have popped up.  

"My heart drops every time the phone rings," Bijanca said.   

"I cringe every time a Facebook message comes through and find myself holding my breath.  

"I'm stressed and on edge, but the experience has made me more savvy.

"I'm more aware of what I put on social media now. I don't post photos of clients' faces, which is actually damaging in my industry where you need to show results. Facebook is part of how you do business these days.   

"I can't just shut the page down. I feel like there's nothing I can do about it."  

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Ipswich Sergeant Leon Margetts said cyber bullying was a common problem that was regularly reported to the police.  

He warned that although Facebook seemed anonymous, there were ways to track the person behind the keyboard.

"In these cases, where there is enough evidence, we will place criminal charges," Sgt Margetts said.  

"If it's someone overseas that can be difficult, but we do have ways of finding out who is behind the messages.

"It's a matter of investigating it."  

Sgt Margetts said police would thoroughly investigate Bijanca's stalker once they had all the evidence.  

If you are having trouble with cyber bullying you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14, or kids helpline 1800 551 800.  

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