Currently regulations 'catch 20% of people who lobby'

QUEENSLAND'S Integrity Commissioner believes almost all political lobbying goes unrecorded and unexplained.

Dr David Solomon told a Parliamentary Committee on Tuesday he thought the current regulations "catches 20% of people who actually lobby".

The revelation comes as Queensland Parliament considers new laws that would force lobby groups to keep records of when it is dealing with politicians.

The LNP government has been struck repeatedly by claims of improper dealing with lobbyists.

Former Housing and Public Works Minister Bruce Flegg - who was part of the committee questioning Dr Solomon - quit his post over questions about how he interacted with his son, a lobbyist.

Accusations have also been aimed at IT and Arts minister Ros Bates over her dealings with lobby groups who donated to her campaign.

Speaking after the questioning, Dr Solomon said Queensland's international counterparts could show the state how to improve.

He said the Canadian system takes note of anyone trying to influence politicians, including those who operate within the government.

"They register basically everyone who lobbies, including in-house government relations people," Dr Solomon said.

"BHP Billiton, Qantas or whoever, they have their own in-house lobbyists.

"For example, property developers who work for themselves do not have to register as lobbyists but people like that do lobby."

On Tuesday night, Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie introduced a bill to parliament that would force lobby groups to keep records of dealings with ministers and politicians.

Mr Bleijie said at the time it would shift the emphasis away from politicians having to record contact with lobbyists.

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