Creative border jumper couldn’t fool police

WHEN Goondiwindi police received a tip-off that a Gatton man was attempting to sneak over the border, they waited to catch him red-handed.

Goondiwindi Senior Sergeant Richard Macintosh said the man hired a Queensland towing company to bring his car and trailer across the New South Wales border, on September 10.

Police suspected the man would cross into the state on foot, so they waited near his vehicle.

He was detained and issued a $4003 for breaching the border declaration requirements.

Police relied on information from the public to apprehend the man.

"We don't know how he got across," Sgt Macintosh said.

"He could have got a lift or swam across, but it would have been a cold swim."

In an unrelated matter Goondiwindi police fined two men after they attempted to run the border in a truck.

On September 7 a 62-year-old man drove into Queensland, carrying a 42-year-old passenger.

Sgt Macintosh said police observed the passenger jump from the cab and attempt to flee.

Both men were detained, issued $1334 fines and sent back to New South Wales.

Undeterred, the 62-year-old driver attempted to cross into Queensland a day later but was again detained by police and issued a second $1334 fine.

Under the COVID-19 border declaration arrangements residents who provide false information or breach the requirement are subject to an on-the-spot $4003 fine.

More serious matters can attract a court imposed fore for $13,345 or six months in jail.


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