Crackdown on parking in Lockyer

LOCKYER Valley Regional Council has voted in favour of cracking down on drivers ignoring the region's two-hour parking limit.

Lockyer Valley Mayor Steve Jones said a number of shop owners had raised concerns about people overstaying the two hour time limit.

In a number of cases, some drivers have been remaining illegally parked all day, putting traders at a disadvantage.

"It's about ensuring everyone has fair access to local shops and especially in the lead-up to Christmas," he said.

"Council has for many years turned a blind eye to people overstaying the time limit but with more and more shop owners concerned and with more cars in the region than ever before, it's come time to start policing the issue."

Cr Jones said council would firstly undertake an education campaign informing motorists that parking time limits would be enforced.

"Council is by no means simply going to go out and start fining people for parking in excess of the two-hour limit," Cr Jones said.

"We need to inform people of the importance of not overstaying the limit and in the first instance, issue a polite warning."

However, in cases where people continually flouted the law, on the spot fines would be considered, Cr Jones said.

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