Cr Jess Glasgow went to Sydney looking for love.
Cr Jess Glasgow went to Sydney looking for love.

Cr Jess looking for love

WHEN he was contacted by Channel 10 and sounded out about being one of the young eligible suitors for The Bachelorette Australia, Noosa's love hungry Councillor Jess Glasgow said in his own boots and all way said, hell yes.

"It's a good opportunity to really fall in love," Cr Jess said.

"I'm a single man and what better way to find the mother of your children than on national TV."

Not that we can reveal if Cr Jess is the one who gets the girl, in this case a vivacious Sunshine Coast girl in Angie Kent, as the show makes its big splash across the small screen this week.

The 37-year-old councillor has signed a confidentiality agreement to keep us all guessing, but he's at liberty to reveal the show was a real revelation to him in so many unexpected ways.

But why was Noosa Councils eligible young bachelor looking for love in the first place?

Before the show he had just never connected with "the one" and like so many of us, he's time poor.

And there was another factor: "I don't do internet dating".

"It keeps me busy being in council, but Angie being a Coast girl ... she's from Alexandra Headland, I don't see why the match doesn't fit perfectly.

"I was approached by Channel 10 to do this. I said why not?

"Councillor wants a wife" is how someone referred to him recently and he's not denying the fact before the show he'd wanted to meet the right girl and settle down.

"I'm 37, time's moving on and it was a great opportunity, a once-in-a-lifetime chance," he said.

Cr Jess said he loved the whole Bachelorette experience and seeing insights into the running of this television production.

"I'm not a reality TV kind of guy. The networks are generally there to try and put two people together and record that and put it onto national TV. Courting a woman can be quite entertaining.

"Of course there were sparks and chemistry, she was form the Coast and I was from the Coast, and she wants a guy in his 30s."

Whether their feelings for each other went all the way to true love, is the tantalising unknown for now.

"I've had great women in my life … except for one."

And the gentleman in him will not let him go further on her negative impacts.

But he said before the Bachelorette came along, the girl of his dreams was proving more elusive.

"As you get older, you get stuck in your ways."

Cr Jess said he took four weeks leave to go on the show, which is shot in a Sydney mansion and said he was entitled to a little down time to go looking for his true love.

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