DONE DEAL: Graham Bowen leaves Ipswich Magistrate's Court after he admitted to selling the drug ice.
DONE DEAL: Graham Bowen leaves Ipswich Magistrate's Court after he admitted to selling the drug ice. Ross Irby

Covert police sting snares Ipswich dealer

BUGGED phone calls snared an Ipswich man who was calling a suspected drug dealer about ice.

Two of the calls involved methylamphetamine deals worth nearly $5000.

Graham John Bowen, 46, from Booval, pleaded guilty to three counts of unlawfully supplying the Schedule 1 drug methylamphetamine (ice) at Booval on March 28, March 29, and March 30, 2018.

In the Crown case Ipswich District Court heard that, in September 2017, police started a covert operation to target the trafficking of methylamphetamine in the Ipswich region.

Police had a legal warrant to monitor the telecommunications of a man currently facing a large number of serious charges in a Brisbane court.

Prosecutor Cecelia Bernardin said 13 drug-related messages were made by Bowen to the target of the operation between March 10-April 15 last year.

Three times offers were made to supply methylamphetamine; twice involving half-an-ounce (14g) of the drug to another person.

Bowen, in text messages, asked if the target of the operation could do half-an-ounce for $2300.

The man replied that he could.

Then, when Bowen said the customer was coming soon, the target said he would check to see how much he had left.

The next day Bowen arranged with the target for the supply of half-an-ounce of methylamphetamine.

The target replied he wanted $2500 but Bowen could keep $100 for himself.

Defence barrister Jessica Goldie said it was conceded that the offers were significant but Bowen instructs he had stopped using all drugs.

And said he had no concerns to do urine drug tests if given the benefit of immediate parole. And his girlfriend was also pregnant.

Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren SC said Bowen's supplies were for amounts of $2300 and $2500.

"The community finds abhorrent the casual dealing of methylamphetamine on our streets," Judge Horneman-Wren said.

"Your drug phone messages demonstrate the casual way it is done."

Judge Horneman-Wren said it was tragic that a mature man would begin using methylamphetamine but it was to his credit, as said by his barrister, he had now desisted from drug use.

 But he would be drug tested in the parole regime.

Bowen was sentenced to 15 months' jail with immediate parole release.

He then went into the magistrates court, where he pleaded guilty to possession of drug utensils (glass pipe) at Booval on September 6, 2018; driving when disqualified by a court order on January 4; and failing to stop at a red light.

Prosecutor, Sergeant Paul Caldwell said police saw a blue car fail to stop at a red light at Waterworks Rd and Pine Mountain Rd.

And as the car drove past the police car officers saw its passenger door open then close again.

Bowen was intercepted, saying he'd been distracted and failed to see the red light when his girlfriend opened the car door while they were arguing.

Police immobilised the car for 90 days.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess fined Bowen $1800 for the driving offences. Taking into account the District Court sentence he was convicted only of the drug utensils charge.

His licence was disqualified for another two years.

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