Prostitute bashed after robbery goes wrong, court hears

COUSINS Brayden Joshua Brinkworth and Jayden Alec Brinkworth intended to rob a prostitute before being disturbed by one of her clients, Toowoomba Magistrates Court has heard.

Police said the men, both 21, went to a South Toowoomba unit on the night of October 24 as Brayden was not satisfied with the services he had received a few days earlier from another nearby sex worker.

Officers' evidence said Jayden had knocked at the door of the unit and spoken to a woman and indicated a dollar value which he was prepared to pay.

However, the court heard the woman was not willing to proceed based on the suggested amount.

It was alleged Jayden returned a short time later and knocked on the door again.

"As the complainant opened her screen door, a second male wearing a bandana across his face has appeared from hiding and charged through her and into her residence," police said.

"The second male person has then grabbed the complainant around the neck and pushed her to the floor...

"The complainant has screamed, causing her existing client to call out."

Police said this caused both men to flee.

Both men faced charges yesterday of entering a dwelling with intent at night, entering a premises with intent, assault occasioning bodily harm while in company and two counts of entering a premise and commiting an indictable offence.

Magistrate Damian Carroll adjourned their matters to be heard in the same court on January 15, next year.

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