Courtney Love.
Courtney Love.

Courtney Love wants British husband

COURTNEY Love is looking for a new husband in England.

The Hole rocker - who is currently dating British art dealer Henry Allsopp - was recently elected the first Non Executive Officer for Rock 'n' Roll of The Conservative Association at England's prestigious Oxford University (OUCA), and told students she wants to settle down in the UK.

OUCA president-elect Joe Cooke said: "She said she wanted to launch a new life as a country squire. Her exact words to me were, I want to find a new husband.

"She thought we were the best place to find one."

Courtney - who has an 18-year-old daughter, Frances Bean, with her late husband Kurt Cobain - recently paid a visit to the association's Port & Policy debate, where Joe said she was carrying a cane she claimed had belonged to former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, which she said she had bought as a present for rap mogul P. Diddy.

After she had been made a member of the club, Courtney contributed to debates and drank port with members, before displaying her love for England with a rendition of UK national anthem 'God Save the Queen' and Oasis hit 'Wonderwall', while wearing the country's flag.

Joe added to Q magazine: "She led the national anthem standing on the table with a toast to the queen before singing 'Wonderwall' with the Union Jack draped over her."

Courtney has long been a fan of England, having travelled across the country when she was younger, after she had left home at the age of 15 and was living off a trust fund set up for her.

She even briefly lived with rocker Julian Cope in Liverpool.

She has previously said: "I am an Anglophile and love England so much. I used to live there and always consider myself half English."

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