Gladstone man Luke McAuliffe was found dead in his mothers home in 2010
Gladstone man Luke McAuliffe was found dead in his mothers home in 2010 QPS

Rockhampton court told of Gladstone man's fatal heroin jab

UNKNOWINGLY, 27-year-old Gladstone man Luke McAuliffe injected himself with a lethal dose of heroin.

Minutes later, he was dead.

"The background of this is jealousy, anger and an intent to kill," Crown prosecutor Michael Cowan told the Supreme Court at Rockhampton yesterday.

He was outlining the prosecution's case on the first day of the murder trial of Rockhampton duo Bradley David Hill, 34, and Kerryn Ann Young, 37.

The pair were charged with murder after Mr McAuliffe was found dead in the bedroom of his mother's Gladstone home on October 10, 2010.

Mr Cowan told the court Mr McAuliffe was good friends with Hill and his "on-and-off" partner, Young.

All three were involved in the use of methamphetamine.

It was heard Mr McAuliffe and Young were out together in Gladstone on October 8, 2010 while Hill was in Brisbane.

Mr Cowan told the court the pair pretended they were having a sexual relationship, sending text messages to Hill who became "enraged".

"So enraged, he came back to do something about it," Mr Cowan said.

The court heard Hill sent a message to Young telling her he was going to kill her and Mr McAuliffe.

The next day, Hill drove back to Gladstone with a number of other people.

When he arrived he went to a motel room.

Mr Cowan said Young was fearful for her own safety, but went to see Hill.

The court heard communication then begun regarding the whereabouts of Mr McAuliffe.

Young texted Mr McAuliffe telling him she was by herself and he should come over and "get fried".

Mr Cowan said Mr McAuliffe said no as he knew about the death threats and suspected something was up.

When it became apparent he was not going to be tricked into coming to the motel, Hill allegedly arranged the delivery of a syringe containing heroin to Mr McAuliffe's mother's house. Mr Cowan said at this time, Young was still communicating with Mr McAuliffe.

He said she arranged with him for the syringe to be placed in the letter box, but did not tell him it was heroin or that Hill was delivering it.

"He was not a heroin addict," Mr Cowan said.

"The syringe was essentially poison to Mr McAuliffe. Albeit he injected himself, he did not know what he was injecting was heroin.

"Both defendants were relying on the knowledge he was a meth addict to get him to take the lethal dose of heroin." The court heard fatal levels of the substance were found in Mr McAuliffe's system.

Mr Cowan said the Crown was arguing both were guilty as Hill arranged the delivery of the heroin intending to kill Mr McAuliffe or cause him grievous bodily harm and Young aided him by communicating with and deceiving him.

The trial continues today.

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