Bundaberg Police Station.
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Woman paraded naked in front of cop shop

A BUNDY mum stripped naked outside the Bundaberg Police Station in full view of security cameras after officers refused her demands to get a taxi.

Just minutes earlier, Nicole Moran, 25, had been released from the watch house after she was arrested on unrelated matters.

Appearing before Bundaberg Magistrates Court via videolink from jail, Moran pleaded guilty to two counts of committing public nuisance on March 5 and March 31.

Prosecutor Acting Sergeant Grant Klaassen said Moran was released from the watch house at 10.15pm but initially refused to leave, and said it would not be long and she would be back.

Outside the complex she pressed the buzzer and wanted police to call a taxi for her.

Officers refused and told her to get one nearby.

Act Sgt Klaassen said Moran then became abusive.

"She took off all her clothes and paraded naked in front of the camera. Officers told her to put her clothes back on," he said.

Moran then wanted police to drive her home.

She was arrested for public nuisance and taken back into custody at the watch house.

In a separate incident, Moran was arrested and charged with public nuisance following a street disturbance that involved relatives.

A Corrective Services officer told the court that Moran used methylamphetamine and had mental health issues.

Previous efforts by the service to help her had failed and she was not suitable for community-based orders.

Defence lawyer Thomas Bray agreed, questioning whether his client's mental health issues were a symptom of her methylampehatmine use or had come first.

Mr Bray said life for the mother of three came apart after a relationship break-up and she began struggling with drugs.

"Methamphetamine, ice is a terrible drug and has a grip on people," Mr Bray said.

Magistrate Belinda Merrin said Moran continued to offend despite many opportunities given to her by the court and Corrective Services.

"You continue to take drugs knowing the effects they have on you," Ms Merrin said.

Taking into account the five weeks Moran had spent in custody, Ms Merrin sentenced her to six months jail.

Moran will be released on parole on June 21.

She will have three months of a suspended jail term hanging over her head.

Moran was resentenced and fined $6000 when she failed to stop for police on April 12.

Bushfire reported near Glen Esk

Bushfire reported near Glen Esk

People in the area may be affected by smoke

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UPDATE: Fire sweeps through estimated 3000 hectares

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