Somerset Regional Council Agendas.
Somerset Regional Council Agendas.

Councillors to vote on sub division, development this week

THE Somerset Regional Council will meet again this week, with development applications, rate rebate requests, and event agreements to consider.

This Wednesday’s meeting will also feature a special visitor – Paul Scarr, LNP Senator for Queensland – for reasons that have yet to be revealed.

The council’s meetings are currently closed to public attendance due to COVID-19 restrictions, but audio will be streamed online.

Read on to find out what topics councillors will be discussing this week.

Food Trails

As part of the council’s ongoing plan to encourage tourism and development in the region, councillors will this week be voting whether the region will take part in the SEQ Food Trail initiative.

Launched in July 2018 at Regional Flavours, the trail showcases the best of southeast Queensland’s foodie experiences, including farm gates, produce markets,

restaurants and cafes, breweries and distilleries, events and street food.

To take part, the council would need to make an initial one-off contribution of $5040, and pay a yearly membership fee, but there would be no cost for businesses taking part.

Development Applications

Among the most common decisions to be made by councils are development applications, and two of these will be under consideration.

The first is the proposed subdivision of one Lot into two at an Esk property.

The second is calling for an extension to the current period of a planned housing development in Fernvale, which would contribute to the creation of 84 new Lots.

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Rate Rebates

Due to ongoing financial difficulties brought on by bushfires earlier in the year, and now COVID-19, the council have already contended with several requests to reduce or rebate rates.

The latest comes from the Glamorgan Vale Water Board, who are calling for a total or partial rebate of rates and other charges – some of which are not even under council’s purview – at eleven sites.

Consideration is also being given to afford a special class concession to properties in rating Category 204 – banked development land for renewable energy facilities.

Lease Renewal

A request has been made by the State Government to renew the lease agreement for the Coominya, and expand the area they operate out of.

The current lease is set to expire in November, and the plan is to renew it for a further twenty years.

However, part of the land the brigade wishes to expand into is included in the Rail Trail network, and will require permission from the Department of Transport and Main Roads to be subleased.

Christmas Decorations

In response to discussions made in December, the council will be considering the idea of putting up Christmas directions in various towns during the holiday period.

A range of options are under consideration, and will require collaboration with community groups and residents.

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Community Grants

Each year, the council carries out several rounds of Community Assistance Grant funding, though occasionally special requests are made for projects to be funded outside of the usual round periods.

Two such projects will be under consideration next week, one from the West Moreton Landcare Group Inc for a project that has been brought forward, and another from the Glamorgan Vale Tennis Club, who intend to concrete their entryway.

Air Show

As per a decision made earlier this year, the Somerset Council is currently the naming rights sponsor of The Brisbane Airshow, which was set to take place on July 4 and 5.

The event has since been postponed due to COVID-19, but has had strong retention in vendors and ticket holders for the new date in 2021.

Councillors will this week be deciding whether to continue the partnership with the show.

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