Council crushes 11-year-old's lemonade stand dreams

A COUNCIL has crushed the dream of a young girl after her lemonade stand was shut down over health and safety concerns.

11-year-old Chelsea Ruderforth set up a homemade cupcake and lemonade stall in her hometown of Bunbury, Western Australia, but Bunbury city council officers shut it down.

Chelsea's mother Marissa told ABC News that her daughter was trying to make some money before Christmas.

"It is such a sad day when a kid can't make a bit of extra cash just selling a few cupcakes and lemonade," Ms Ruderforth told 720 ABC Perth.

She said her daughter was devastated when council staff shut the stall down before it had even opened after a member of the public reported it when they saw the family promoting it on social media days before it was set up.


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