Competition puts kids to the test

A GROUP of Lockyer Valley children have spent the remainder of their school holidays at the Gatton library in a competition inspired by TV game show Minute To Win It.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council Library Children's Services Co-ordinator Julianne Bachmann said the event was well attended by the Valley's youngsters.

“It was a fun day where the children all worked together as a team and had a lot of laughter,” she said.

“We try to do something for the children every school holidays and it's a nice safe environment where the children can come.

“Both the Minute To Win It and Lego Competition programs were so popular we opened second sessions in both.”

Mrs Bachmann said kids in both the blue and red teams made sure their teammates were supported.

“We had a lot of kids show up and we had given them the list of possible events so they had practiced at home,” she said.

“It was intense and competitive, but all the kids were cheering each other on which was great to see.”

The kids fought it out in events where speed and skill were the key, including keeping three balloons in the air for one minute, bouncing ping pong balls into a carton and pulling every tissue out of a box with one hand.

“We had the countdown clock and music there so the kids got very excited because they had seen it on TV and knew what to do.”

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