Community Choir entertains again!

THE Esk Community Choir, now 33 years in the making has during its life, gathered together scores of singers from along life's highway to live their motto ‘Service in Song'.

People young and old who are bonded by the joy of making music and entertaining, a joy that singing together offers them so freely.

It is a choir inspired by its founder Alexis Fitzgerald, whose talents go way beyond just her shared love of music.

They are talents which have allowed the choir to endure and grow from strength to strength.

It is a choir of men and women who have been things and seen places and come September 17-18, hot on the heels of the brilliant success of their last theatre restaurant performance as the cast and crew of a cruise ship in the Caribbean, they will be transforming the Alexandra Hall, Toogoolawah with a posse of wild characters from America's west (with a little local flavour tossed into the swill).

They'll be a-whoopin' an' a-hollerin', hitching their horses, packin' their pistols and sidlin' up to the bar at Dolorus's Lazy Dude Saloon for a night of western wackiness when Desperadoes comes to town.

Because, if you happen to be out of town at this time, you'll get another opportunity on September 24 when the cast of characters will mosey on down the road to entertain all the good folk at the Senior Citizens Hall in Gatton.

Dress as sassy or six-gun as you like, carve a notch on your calendar and round up your friends for the theatre restaurant performance of Desperadoes that'll be serving up not only gastronomic grub and grits but a whole heap of musical entertainment.

Now if your whistles are by now simply whet with curiosity, just watch this space over the next few weeks for the nitty gritty details.

You'll be needing to secure a table at this wise-cracking western and meet some of the characters who'll be putting the word fun back into dysfunctional.

For further information and inquiries, phone the secretary on 0407 659 239 or 0408 195 758.

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