Colour really is an issue in Easter chocolate debate

OPINION: IT IS hard to get excited by foods that are plants, or derived from plants.

If you put some sprouts in the oven, you're just not going to get the same mouth-watering aroma someone else would get if they put a pork belly in their oven.

That said, there is one particular food derived from a plant that is possibly the greatest thing ever.


I come from a long line of chocoholics, and I am forever thankful for whoever the genius was who decided the bitter bean of the cacao plant might be turned into a drink for some Olmec ruler in central America.

Then on to the Spanish for introducing it to Europe, and finally to those who first figured that you could turn the stuff into powder that could then be turned into the product we today call chocolate.

While Easter is obviously of great importance for Christians of all denominations, personally I just like the excuse to gorge on chocolate.

Which makes it all the more annoying when someone tries to slip me an anti-chocolate, or white chocolate, as some poor fools call it.

White "chocolate" is a disgrace to the name - no flavour, no character, just a bland, sweet nothing.

During the manufacturing process, the dark-coloured solids of the cacao bean are separated from the fatty content.

As a result, white chocolate does not contain the antioxidant properties or many characterising ingredients of chocolate, such as thiamine, riboflavin, theobromine and phenylethylamine.

This means that even the argument often used by chocoholics that stuffing their faces with chocolate is in fact somehow good for them is rendered null and void by the sugary purgatory that is white chocolate.

Even worse, some so-called white chocolates don't even use cacao bean in the first place, using hydrogenated vegetable fats instead.

This is truly the anti-chocolate, and woe betide anyone who attempts to give out Easter eggs made out of it.

Speaking of which, what sort of mother won't give her child Easter eggs?

I spoke with one such parent in Hervey Bay the other day, and almost fell out of my chair.

I mean, rotting teeth are terrible but come on - it's Easter. That's like not leaving anything under the pillow from the Tooth Fairy for the poor little tyke.

Anyway, there we have two chocolate-related Easter debates in one article.

Never let it be said this column shies away from tackling the big issues...

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