Cold winds push Toowoomba temperatures below zero

FREEZING winds have pushed temperatures in Toowoomba to nearly -5 degrees and worse could be yet to come.

At 6am this morning the mercury dipped to 4 degrees but it felt like -4.7 degrees.

The apparent temperature stayed well below zero for most of the morning until finally breaking through to 0.8 degrees at 10am.

At its coldest, the frigid apparent temperature was a stunning 14.2 degrees below average.

The average minimum temperature for June is 9.5 degrees.

At 9pm tonight the mercury was 4.3 degrees and the apparent temperature 0.8 degrees.

Overnight the actual temperature in Toowoomba is predicted to drop to zero degrees, but wind conditions will once again make it feel much cooler.

The Bureau of Meteorology says it will rise to a maximum of 13 degrees in the Garden City tomorrow.

A frost is expected and there is a 40% chance of patchy rain in the evening.

Rain is highly likely on Monday which will bring some relief, with the minimum temperature to be a relatively-warm 8 degrees.

The bureau says the cold conditions are due to a vigorous trough moving off southern Queensland late Friday, leaving in its wake a colder south-westerly air flow.


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