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Fresh as - coffee machine goes from green bean to cup

THE morning cup of coffee may be in for a huge revolution if one company has it's way.

Germany's  Bonaverde Coffee Changers took to innovation website Kickstarter to spruik a revolutionary new machine that takes coffee from green bean to your table in a matter of seconds.

The device is designed to roast, grind and brew coffee beans in one process.

A promotional video for the project says the machine would mean a fairer deal for often impoverished coffee growers whose product can go through 17 stages before hitting the cup.

A green-bean revolution would allow them to sell direct to retailers.

The company produced 135 working prototypes of the machine before settling on its current version.

 It says 15,000 people were used as tasters during the process in an attempt to get get the right balance in roasting and brewing.

Bonaverde was looking for $135,000 from Kickstarter but ended up raising $681,461.

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