'Donald Trump' fined for boozy rant in Maryborough

A MARYBOROUGH man, who told police he was "Donald Trump" , has copped a heavy fine for his booze fuelled rant.

Joseph Eric Schultz pleaded guilty in Maryborough Magistrates Court yesterday charged with two counts of contravening a police requirement and obstructing police.

The court heard on the night of April 9, Schultz, 24, was asked to leave the Criterion Hotel in Maryborough's CBD by security, but refused.

He was arrested by police who were patrolling nearby.

Police Prosecutor Kathryn Stagoll said Schultz was arrested because he would not give officers his name.

Sergeant Stagoll said the man moved his arm around so he could not be handcuffed, but was eventually taken into custody.

"At the watch house, the defendant was asked for his details again, and he replied Donald Trump," Sgt Stagoll said.

Schultz's defence lawyer Natasha Schumacher said her client had a favourable history, but with similar charges.

"My client offers no excuse for his behaviour, but had been drinking," Ms Schumacher said.

"He instructs me that since the incident, he has stopped drinking."

Schultz was ordered to pay a total of $1100.

He will have to complete 100 hours community service.

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