Circumcision and immunisation enter baby ear piercing debate

CIRCUMCISION and immunisation of children was raised during an online discussion among readers about whether babies should be allowed to have their ears pierced.

The Bulletin asked readers if the piercing of babies/toddlers ears should be banned in Australia after news there was a petition in the UK to make illegal and set a minimum age.

Here are what The Bulletin readers had to say:

  • Anja Zemlicoff - Yes it should be illegal. No child should have to be pierced until they are old enough to speak for themselves.
  • Simone Lee Muckert - My parents had my ears pierced when I was a baby. If we are going to take away that choice from a parent why not say children can't be circumcised until they can make their own decision?? Ridiculous!!!
  • Kelly Knight - Not a good comparison....
  • Simone Lee Muckert - A circumcision would be painful as well. And if not looked after correctly in both cases would cause infection!!
  • Kelly Knight - you have no idea what you're talking about with the time frame, so just don't go there.
  • Lisa Alexander - Circumcision should be the child's choice also not because daddy wants his to look the same
  • Kelly Knight - It amuses me the stupidity of some people over this issue.. although it's off topic. Clearly you women are very uneducated.
  • Sara OBrien  -Um. Circumcision is retaliating to health. Not the vanity of a mother. The two can not be compared
  • Nina Harris - A private part compared to an ear..... Not a good comparison
  • Zali Grayson - You're right, you can't compare it. Genitals would be MUCH more painful and has the possibility of going horribly wrong. As for it being "healthy", teaching boys to clean themselves properly is a very easy thing to do.
  • Gayle Vea Vea - Government should mind their own business! #firstworldproblem babies and children being assaulted and starved, worry about that. I have seen babies with their noses pierced and didn't bat an eye. Get over it..
  • Fiona Mary Jones - Im a hairdresser and i think it should be banned i saw a newborn baby getting pierced once and because it does really hurt the child got such a fright and stopped breathing and had to b revived i vowed and declared i would never do it if your child wants prettys like mum use a stik on diamonte they cant handle the pain yes ban it!!!!
  • Zoe Kertesz - What a load of $##£. Seriously are all governments going to take every decision away from parents. Both my girls were3 1/2 mths when they got their ears pierced and if done by a professional as they were and with numbing cream , its no worse than their regular jabs they have to get.. they didn't even cry. Like everyone else is saying, there's far worse things in the world to focus on.. this should be solely the parentss decision as to weather they wait for the child to choose or to get it don't as babies.
  • Valarie Hawkins - Yet if we kill them and suck their bodies out of the womb thats ok ? but getting their ears pierced is cruel HMMMMM
  • Miranda Fullerton - My daughter wanted hers done n she was 3yo she saw me with mine n she was fascinated with mine for ages so she got her's done for her 3rd Birthday really cant see anything wrong with young kids or babys getting there ears done cause they use numbing cream to numb the childs ears before piercing them so they have no pain n if the mother or father keep up n keep them clean n do the after care they r supposed to there is no harm in getting them done
  • Diane Velenski - my daughter wanted hers done at 3 as well was very adamant about it so did it it was her choice ppl need to stop interfering in other ppls lives and get on with their own so agree with you
  • Lisa Alexander - Your girls were old enough to ask big difference
  • Kobe Barrett - Yes agree!! My daughters are 7 and 6 and I would love to buy pretty earrings for them. They don't want to get their ears pierced though so I respect their decision.
  • Sara Petersen - Piercings are cosmetic. Why does a baby or toddler need to have anything done to them for cosmetic purposes. Why even risk them being pulled out, either by themselves or another child? I had mine done when I was 10, after I asked mum to get them done.
  • Samantha Scott - I hate the thought of babies ears being done, people cringe at the thought of vaccines because it's a needle can't imagine how uncomfortable a baby would feel having it hurt constantly for days and then the itch when it starts to heal!!!
  • Jess Princess Trathen - My daughter had hers done at two but because she asked for 'pretties in her ears peas'. I figured she wanted them so she could have them. No one forced her to do it
  • Melody Gee - It shouldn't be banned. That's a bit over the top. It's up to the parents. Personally, I'm waiting for my daughters to ask to get them done. But if they're banning this, does this also mean they'll be banning circumcision? It's done without the child's consent and unlike percings, where they can take them out if they don't like them, he can't just put it back on.
  • Anja Zemlicoff - I agree with this. Any mutilation of a child's body is wrong.
  • Jody Bayntun - Neither is mutilation get a grip

Read more of the discussion here:

A petition in the UK to make it illegal for babies/toddlers to get their ears pierced and to set a minimum legal age requirement has garnered thousands of signatures and support. Should it be banned?

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Wednesday, 10 June 2015

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