Ciao bella! Welcome to Italy

THE country that looks like a boot - famous for its pasta, pizza, gelato and flirtatious dark-eyed men.

Welcome to Italy! Ciao Bella!

People you walk past, people you talk to in shops, people you meet; the most common two words said by anyone and I don't lie it makes you feel pretty good when they say it, especially in that gorgeous Italian accent.

Most have a huge smile on their face and are very welcoming, Italians are truly wonderful people, living in a country full of culture, good atmosphere and incredible food.

The people are quite open and talk a lot. They love a good conversation even if you can barely scrape together a sentence in Italian. Italians were very easy to get along with and I had an amazing time with everyone I spent time with.

They also have a very obvious flirting method. Ciao bella, the two most common words said by men in Italy.

They live in a rather relaxed style compared to some of their neighbouring countries. This can be good and bad.

The life style is a lot more stress free, although after waiting 2 hours for a train that was late it can get a little annoying for travelling. Nothing is ever on time which means no running like a crazy man across a station to catch a train.

Every corner you turn brings delicious smells of food wafting out among the passing people. The Italians sure know how to cook and it takes two seconds to find a mouth-watering restaurant. 

The architecture of Italy is jaw dropping. I found myself taking pictures of lamp posts, of which even had more culture than the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Tiny little streets curved around with crumbling cobble stones roads. Tiny cars with big attitudes weaved through the streets and people. When you found an old little street, with some green vines hanging down a crumbling rock wall, with a Vespa resting in front of it - you had in front of you the perfect Italian image. 

I love Italy! I love Italians! It is really an incredible place and I am very proud to be 25% Italian after spending a few weeks in the beautiful country.

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