Chinese delivery mid hike? No pack H2O? Newbie seeks advice

AN American combat veteran has shared screen shots of humorous conversation with a newbie hiker including 'ordering Chinese delivered halfway along the trail' which has gone viral.

Jason Granite, who is one of the administrators for Facebook page Hikers posted the first part of the conversation online at 10am AEST with the newbie asking about whether or not they needed to pack water or if they could get water along the trail.

Mr Granite responded sarcastically "we usually walk with our bottles open and wait for the rain. Make sure you bring a couple water bottles so you can get enough water".

Unfortunately, the newbie didn't pick up that this response was sarcastic.

Next up, the newbie has 'researched' online and found an article about hikers who have taken no water bottles with them hiking. Instead, 'absorbing the moisture in the air', and wanted to know if Mr Granite had tried this method.

But wait... there's more.

Newbie had heard of some hikers packing Maccas for the trail.

Five key survival tips for hiking:

  • Pack at least 2 litres of water for every 4 hours you are hiking
  • Take high energy, low weight foods like muesli bars, noodles, and pastas to eat (noodles and pasta are probably best for overnight hikes)
  • Wear sunscreen and long sleeved/legged clothing
  • Don't go near native animals or touch them (Google 'Bison Yellowstone Park News to see why)
  • Take a first aid kit... you will use it

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