Authors of the 4 Ingredients cookbooks Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham.
Authors of the 4 Ingredients cookbooks Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham. John Mccutcheon

Child friendly 4 Ingredients

TIME-POOR people who hate to cook are a lucrative market.

Just ask Rachael Bermingham and Kim McCosker, the enterprising Sunshine Coast duo behind the dazzlingly successful 4 Ingredients cookbook franchise.

The two existing 4 Ingredients books have sold well over two million in Australia and have been unleashed onto markets in the UK, New Zealand and USA, prompting countless Amazon number one listings around the world.

The latest release from the 4 Ingredients team is all about kids, featuring more than 270 child-friendly recipes for all the day’s main meals, and many others in between.

Is it any good?

If speed, simplicity and convenience are your main aims in the kitchen, then yes.

If you are a slightly more confident cook who would like a book full of good base recipes you can embellish, sure.

If you want a cookbook to act as a safe link between your children and some of their first cooking experiences, sort of.

It must be said that it is quite a shock to see a $20 cookbook for kids without any pictures or photos.

I think kids cooking for the first time need a visual to guide them, and they need an end-goal in mind while they are getting their hands dirty. What’s in it?

Everything from baby blends, breakfast and burgers to pasta, pizza and pork. There’s a lunchbox and vegetarian section, as well as chapters on homemade takeaway and leftovers. Let’s be frank: this is fun, fast food. Omelettes, fruit smoothies, healthy dinners and vegetarian dishes are there, but the majority of the book contains recipes for treat food high in salt, sugar and fat containing processed, bottled or tinned ingredients.

4 Ingredients Kids is undoubtedly a handy reference in a busy family kitchen, but one best used weekly rather than daily.

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