Child Care Centre sun safe

GATTON Child Care Centre will celebrate National Skin Cancer Action Week by receiving a cheque for $2500 from the SunSmart Grant Scheme.

Gatton Childcare director, Robyn Hardiman said the centre was in desperate need of new sun sails after the old ones began to wear thin.

“We had them for about ten years, so it was great when we received the grant from the Cancer Council,” she said.

“It's definitely something we could not have afforded on our own, because we are non-profit community centre.

“It worked out very well, because have got to have it to provide a safe playing environment for the kids,” she said.

Mrs Hardiman said Gatton Child Care Centre is committed to providing adequate sun safety to the children they care for.

“We are a sunsmart centre and we are very proud to be a sunsmart centre,” she said.

“We have all the kids wear bucket hats for play time and make sure they have appropriate clothing to cover their skin.”

She said the centre had to be approved by the Cancer Council before they were allowed the grant.

Gatton Child Care Centre were one of 22 successful South West Queensland organisations to receive funding through the SunSmart Grant Scheme provided by Queensland Health and Cancer Council Queensland.

Cancer Action Co-ordinator at Cancer Council Queensland, Alex Woodland, said the SunSmart Grant Scheme has assisted many organisations who have limited funds to work towards increased sun safety.

“The SunSmart Grant Scheme supports organisations in Queensland whose primary focus group is children aged 12 years and younger, to help them enhance sun protection for the children in their care, develop a SunSmart Policy and promote sun safe behaviour,” he said.

“This Scheme ensures that access to sun protection is available within the community and will contribute to the prevention of skin cancer, which is a health problem in Queensland.

“Research has found that the amount of sun exposure received during childhood contributes significantly to skin cancer risk later in life.

“The aim of the SunSmart Grant Scheme is to reduce childhood sun exposure, and ultimately reduce rates of skin cancer in the future.”

The SunSmart Grant Scheme is provided in partnership between Cancer Council Queensland and Queensland Health.

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