SO LONG: Ian Flint retires from LVRC as CEO, finishing a career which spans 40 years.
SO LONG: Ian Flint retires from LVRC as CEO, finishing a career which spans 40 years. Francis Witsenhuysen

CEO ends four-decade career

AFTER 40 years of serving numerous communities, the CEO of Lockyer Valley Regional Council Ian Flint says now it is time to serve his family.

“I’ve enjoyed my career very much, but the timing was right to go,” Mr Flint said.

“I had always aspired to be in that position in my life, but some days were more challenging than others.

“I’m 60 now and we’ve been through our difficult times. The organisation is running smoothly and with the passing of Steve and the new councillors on board, the time has come for someone else to step in.”

Mr Flint’s career began on April 30, 1976 at the Maroochydore Shire Council in Nambour.

“In the beginning, I started out reading water meters and emptying parking meters,” he said.

Mr Flint has worked hard and come a long way since then.

“While I was at Maroochy council, I studied for nine years to get my Local Government Clerk certificate, to be Shire Clerk back then you needed the degree and to have a certain number of years experience as well,” he said.

“Then in 1986 an opportunity came up for Deputy Shire Clerk in Saint Lawrence.”

Mr Flint recalled how one of his daughters was born on the Saint Lawrence air-strip.

“Our second daughter was born unexpectedly in the local ambulance, on the air strip, before the flying doctor could get there,” he said.

“It was so remote, the flying doctor would only come out once a fortnight.

“She is the second person to ever be born there.”

In 1986 Mr Flint moved his family to Boonah to become Assistant Shire Clerk, which was the title of a council’s CEO back then.

“In my time there, I got the council and the community of Boonah working together. Everything was ticking on just perfectly,” he said.

“Helping the economic development of Boonah was the highlight while I was there.

“As a family we really enjoyed living out there and engaging with the community.

“Boonah was a big secret, it’s like the Switzerland of here.”

Mr Flint then became the acting CEO of Scenic Rim once it amalgamated.

“After that I had a break and my wife and I went travelling.”

“When we returned, an opportunity came up to work for the Council of Mayors (SEQ) and it was because of that role, I was approached by LVRC to come here, and I did in 2010.”

In Mr Flint’s eyes, the Lockyer Valley Regional Council is more than ready for whatever challenges it may face.

“It’s a great new council and I think it’s a new era for the Lockyer Valley.

“When I came here the two councils had come together and I’d like to think my legacy is bringing them together as one.”

“It was such a shock with Steve passing, he was the perfect leader through our challenging times with the floods, and I’ve had some dynamic mayors in my time.

“You can’t fault his passion for the Lockyer Valley and hopefully it will continue.”

Born in Brisbane on January, 10, 1956, Mr Flint started school at Taringa Primary School.

“That school doesn’t exist any more,” Mr Flint chuckled.

“I went to Toowong State High after that, then my family moved to Townsville and I did my senior years at Pimlico High.

“In Townsville, I went into articled law class and worked at a solicitors for three years until 1975.

“My family moved back to Buderim and I went with them.”

Mr Flint recalled how he met his wife, Megan, on a tennis court on the Sunshine Coast.

“The first time I asked her out, she knocked me back. That was around 1977, but I was persistent.

“We married on January 6, 1979 in the outdoor chapel at Alexandra Headland Uniting Church.

“I almost didn’t get married because my job was to book the chapel and I forgot. Fortunately the minister was playing cricket there, so we grabbed him, but it was a bit hairy there for a while.”

Mr Flint said he was looking forward to retiring to a beachside apartment in Redcliffe with Megan.

“We want to do more travelling, and our first trip is to the Kimberley,” Mr Flint said.

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