Celtic Thunder.
Celtic Thunder. JACK HARTIN

Celtic Thunder was worth the wait

LOVERS of great musical talent with an Irish twang have missed out an exquisite treat with Celtic Thunder performing their long-awaited Mythology in Brisbane on Friday night.

The tour was originally planned for last year, but was cancelled due to thunderstorm forecasts.

But the hundreds of fans who attended Friday's show at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre obviously thought it was worth the wait.

I took my three children aged between five and 12 to see Brisbane's show and I'll be honest, initially they didn't know what hit them.

I think they were expecting more lights and dazzle and sizzling special-effects.

What we  got was far better.

It was an evening of raw musical talent that has been finely honed to be the best it can be.

It is such a pleasure to be able to sit still and enjoy a song because of the sound of the persons' voice and not the visual effects

The phenomenal success of Celtic Thunders rests squarely on the shoulders of the five Irish singers, although the excellent musical ensemble with violins, flutes and harps can take a bow too.

Even my children could appreciate the value of exceptional talent and by the end of the evening they were joining in as the group sang "Ireland, Ireland, together standing tall".

With my mum visiting my brother in Ireland at the moment, we felt a close connection to Ireland and as my son said "it was a short flight".

The internationally-acclaimed supergroup has had its share of tragedy this year, with the loss of one of the foundation members George Donaldson, who died suddenly in March, aged just 46.

Tributes were paid to Donaldson and his musical genius on the night.

You may have been too late to catch Celtic Thunder in Queensland for this year as the group has headed south to continue their tour in New South Wales, Victoria, Adelaide and Perth.

Visit their website www.celticthunder.ie to find their next tour date..

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