Mark a loved one’s special day with a thoughtful present.
Mark a loved one’s special day with a thoughtful present. Contributed

Celebrating graduation with style

GRADUATION is proof of years of hard work and commitment.

And what better way to acknowledge a loved one's much-deserved accomplishment than with a special gift.

Owner of online giftware business Gifted Memories Jane Browning said graduating, whether its from prep, primary school, high school or university was an exciting time in the lives of the graduates.

"These milestones mark the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, and it is always nice to give something so they can look back on it and remember the times they had and the journey they have been on to get to where they are today," Ms Browning said.

But what is the etiquette when it comes to graduation gift-giving?

Ms Browning said a small token, to congratulate a graduating loved one was a pleasant gesture and how much to spend on a gift was at the discretion of the gift-giver.

"It really is up to the individual buying the gift…some of the nicest gifts can be purchased for under $20, such as Graduation Blessing Rings.

"These can slip into a wallet or be hung on a necklace or keyring, and are a subtle reminder of their graduation. Other gifts, such as bracelets, watches and necklaces, are a bit more extravagant...," Ms Browning explained.

"With giving a gift, it comes from you and from your heart, a special touch that you can only give. It shows you've spent time researching and hunting down that perfect gift," she said.

The enthusiastic business owner said some of the most common gifts for graduations were those that could be used to hold or record schooling memories.

"The most popular gifts for graduations at Gifted Memories are those that can be signed by classmates, such as signature frames, message/friendship bears and also photo frames and Blessing Rings. Rosary beads are also a popular gift to give when graduating from prep and primary Catholic Schools," Ms Browning said.

And as students move on from their institution of study, Ms Browning suggested also recognising the important role teachers played in their child's schooling life.

"We all know that having charge of 25 children must be a little (and perhaps a lot!) frustrating at times, and at the end of the school year, it's always nice just to say 'thank you' to those teachers that put in the hard yards..." Ms Browning said.

" ...I think the really special ones (gifts) are the ones you can incorporate your children in, such as giving a coffee mug designed especially for teachers filled with lollies your children have picked out, or perhaps a teachers journal with a little note from the student inside.

"Or maybe a special keyring engraved on one side with a thank you message.

"Gifts for teachers are not budget hungry, and you can purchase many gifts for teachers for as little as $10," she added.

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